Voting for choice: what's really at stake on November 8th

At Tabu Health, we believe that choice — and just as importantly, the right for every individual to exercise choice — is central to women’s health, and central to America. We believe that preserving choice is critical to our mission of helping people make informed decisions about their bodies, reproductive health, and sex lives with confidence.

On November 8th, we have an opportunity to vote to protect and expand choices, or vote to restrict them, and in doing so, limit access to healthcare for millions of women in America.

Here’s what voting for choice means to us at Tabu Health:

A vote for choice means your president can’t choose your birth control. (Nor can your senator, congressmen, insurance company or employer).

A vote for choice means access to affordable birth control for every woman in America.

A vote for choice means funding for Planned Parenthood, who provides essential reproductive and preventative health care services to 2.5 million patients every year.

A vote for choice means your employer’s religious beliefs can’t trump your right to birth control coverage.

A vote for choice means Paid Family Leave for mothers and fathers, so no one has to choose between keeping their job and managing their health.

A vote for choice means protecting access to safe and legal abortion without undue burden.

A vote for choice means that ‘yes’ means ‘yes’ and ‘no’ means ‘no.’

On November 8th, we are voting for choice. For women’s health. For candidates who believe that every American should be empowered to make independent and informed decisions for their health and their bodies they can confidently own. For policies and propositions that will protect, expand and activate choice across all parts of our lives. We hope you too, will get-out-the-vote, and vote for choice.

Want to learn how the presidential candidates line up on these issues? Check out the Planned Parenthood Action Fund voter guide for the facts.