“How many different choices of birth control do I have?”

This #TiaTalkTuesday, we’re going red, white & blue to celebrate what (really) makes America great ❤️🇺🇸❤️.

In honor of Independence Day — a celebration of freedom and choice — we’re answering the top asked q:

How many different choices of birth control do I have?

(Spoiler alert: you’ve got a lot of choices!)

Despite common misconception, birth control comes in all different shapes, sizes and hormone levels — including some with no hormones at all.

You’ve got the pill — America’s favorite BC method, known to help acne, and regulate your period:

The copper IUD — the most effective non-hormonal BC out there!

And of course, condoms — a 2-for-1 pregnancy and STD prevention special:

Plus the implant, patch, ring, shot and lot more.

With more than 10 different methods to choose from, the problem usually is not *lack of choice,* but how to choose?!

For those of you lucky humans who have found a birth control that you jam with, 🎩 off to you!

If you’re still bouncin’ between pills, or debating if the IUD is right for you, know this:

You’re not alone.

Our research shows that women often try 3 to 4 different types of birth control before finding the right one.

We made Tia to help solve this “guesswork” problem, by better matching you to the right birth control for your individual needs.

So this 4th of July, let’s celebrate freedom of choice — and that means contraceptive choice! — for all.

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