Get out the March with Tia

I created Tia to give women more agency in their healthcare. To help all people make independent and informed decisions about their bodies and health with confidence.

So when I heard about the Women's March on Washington and local marches taking place around the country, I wanted to make sure that we were there too, advocating for the issues we care about alongside the individuals and organizations that inspire us. I want to encourage people to march for the issues that matter to them, and to add their voice to an important conversation. When we champion each other, when we are united in our mission to create a more equal and positive world, we are stronger.

As an Official Supporter of the Women’s March, we at Tabu Health march to defend and expand access to reproductive healthcare for all (I wrote about what's at stake here). But there are lots of reasons to Get-Out-The-March, so we put together a few tools for you to add your voice and share your story, too.

Join us.

We’ll see you at the March.

In solidarity,

Carolyn Witte

Founder & CEO at Tabu Health