Meet the Founders.

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Felicity Yost & Carolyn Witte, Co-Founders of Tia

Carolyn Witte, Co-Founder & CEO

Carolyn Witte is an aspirational design-thinker and storyteller who has long viewed it her mission in life to fight inequalities women face around the world and in her own backyard. After experiencing her own set of women’s health care struggles, she started Tia with the aim of reimagining women’s healthcare from the ground up and by applying the brand building and user-centric design playbook from her time at Google’s Creative Lab. Carolyn’s obsession with Tia’s persona and voice surfaces in every corner of the product and company. A big believer in interdisciplinary teams, Carolyn has orchestrated a symphony of top tier women’s health experts, software engineers, illustrators and data enthusiasts to tackle this problem through a unique lens. Carolyn holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science & Technology Studies from Cornell University.  


Felicity Yost, Co-Founder & Head of Product

Felicity Yost, Co-Founder & Head of Product for Tia, is the data junkie and chief executor responsible for bringing Tia to life — and keeping her afloat! Felicity’s expertise in data-driven decision-making and managing teams that move a mile a minute are a byproduct of her time at Owler & Bridgewater Associates. She’s obsessed with analyzing user behavior and rapid, iterative product development. A longtime champion of choice and female empowerment, Felicity welcomes any opportunity to help women feel more confident in their own bodies and lives. Felicity holds a Bachelor's Degree in Government and International Relations from Cornell University.