The Tia Well-Woman

Your annual gynecology & primary care check-ups in one, integrated *covered-by-insurance* experience.

In-Clinic & Virtual
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The Tia Well-Woman is:

A continuous care journey

Healthcare shouldn't be a once-a-year “check-box,” but an everyday journey. We’ve extended your Well-Woman across multiple touch points — virtual and in-person. With the Tia Well-Woman, you can check in on your health continuously, without breaking the bank.

Personalized to you

Getting and staying healthy starts with setting the right goals and having a dedicated Care Team to help you achieve them. Whether you want to reduce pelvic pain, manage mood swings, or just talk about out how to stay on your health A-game, we tailor your visits to what you care about most.


We know that the real work of health happens outside of appointments. That’s why we create actionable Care Plans, tailored to you and your needs, that you can check in on and revise throughout the year — like an editable Google Doc between you and your Care Team.

Part 1 (Virtual)

The Talk Part

Think: a virtual consultation sans stirrups. With dedicated time just for talking — via video and from the comfort of your own home — we give you and your provider more time to dive deep into what you care about. Your Talk Part with include:

  • A comprehensive review of your health history and lifestyle
  • A discussion on your health concerns and goals
  • Designing a physical exam tailored to your needs
  • Creating a Care Plan to check in on throughout the year

Part 2 (In-Person)

The Physical Part

The “take your clothes off” part we all love to hate. Based on your age, risk factors, and history, we customize your physical exam to include only what you need and make your physical care as comfortable as possible. Your physical exam could include any or all of the following:

  • Pap test
  • Pelvic exam
  • Breast exam
  • Vitals and BMI
  • Bloodwork
  • Ultrasound

Part 3 (Virtual & In-Person)

The Check In Part

As the antithesis to the “here’s your Rx, see you next year,” we give you the opportunity to reassess your Care Plan with your Provider. By making tweaks to medication, diet, sleep, and more, we help you live and breathe health, year-round. Your Care Plan may include recommendations for:

  • Medications
  • Nutrition and wellness
  • Lifestyle
  • Labs and referrals
  • Physical exams

“Tia's Well Woman is like a roadmap to your best physical and mental health with clear touch points and action steps.”

—Emily, Tia Member

Well-Woman FAQ

Can I get my annual physical at Tia?

Yes! We've reimagined the typical Well-Woman and created a continuous care journey that fuses your gynecology and primary care check-ups into one cohesive experience. The Tia Well-Woman works with your insurance and is 100% covered under most plans.

Do I need a primary care physician and a gynecologist?

Nope! You can use Tia for your gynecology and primary care needs. It’s hard enough to get to one doctor’s office! Why should we have to juggle 2+ doctors, locations, health records, etc.? From IUDs to strep throat, a colposcopy to diagnosing a thyroid disorder, we've got you covered. Please note that Tia is a "specialist," which could affect your copay depending on your plan. To find out if you have a different copay at a primary care provider vs. specialist office, check the back of your insurance card!

Does insurance cover all three parts of the Tia Well-Woman?

As long as you have not had an annual exam in the past year and do not plan to have a primary care appointment outside of Tia (we do it all in your Tia Well- Woman!) you should be covered for all 3 parts with insurance. To double check your coverage ahead of each "part," message your Tia Care Coordinator who can run an eligibility check for you!

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