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To maximize your access to in-person and virtual care, we accept most major insurance plans. This means you get high-quality, personalized, comprehensive healthcare without breaking the bank.

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Top Insurance FAQ

How do I know if you take my insurance plan?

To check if your plan works with Tia, go to our Join Page. Once you enter your information on in Step 1, you’ll be able to check if Tia takes your plan in Step 2. Don’t worry, this will not commit you to a membership (that happens in the later steps). If you still have questions, email

Can I join Tia if I don't have insurance?

Yes! You can join Tia with or without insurance. If you do not have insurance, you can pay cash for services. Check out our cash prices here.

Can I use an HSA or FSA for my membership?

Yes! Once you purchase a membership, we can send you an itemized receipt that you can submit to your insurance for HSA or FSA reimbursement.

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Tia deals with insurance headaches so you don't have to

You'll get support with managing insurance costs, preventing suprise bills, and maximizing your membership from Tia Care Coordinators and the Tia membership team.

Anja Beslic

Lead Care Coordinator, She/her
Rina Wu
Operations Lead, Virtual Clinic, She/her
Katie Keane
Membership Success Associate, She/her

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