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There is no need to have a separate primary care provider! We treat your acute care needs, support chronic condition management, and facilitate referrals to top specialists when needed.

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Women’s health is more than your reproductive parts. To get and stay truly well, women need care that’s comprehensive and preventive. That’s why we incorporate Primary Care into the Tia medical home, alongside gynecology, mental health, acupuncture, and more.

At Tia, you won't get the typical one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, you'll get Primary Care that applies

Did you know?

80-90% of women are vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is necessary for imune function and can actively protect women from cervical cancer.

sex-specific differences like hormones, epigenetics, and metabolic function to your diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. With a focus on lifestyle and evidence-based wellness, we take a “root cause” approach to everything from UTIs to eczema, equipping you a Care Plan to get and keep you well.

Care at Tia is relationship-based and integrated which means everyone is in sync. You get a collaborative Care Team that works together to manage your health so you don't have to repeat yourself 100x or receive conflicting advice. Working as a unit, our providers are trained to connect dots and address your health comprehensively, accounting for everything that makes you *you* — nuances, complexity, and interconnectedness.

And you can use insurance for Primary Care appointments at Tia — both virtually and in person. Tia is a "specialist," which depending on your plan, may affect your copay. Check the back of your insurance card to see your Primary Care Provider & Specialist copays. Learn more about using insurance here.

Quality Primary Care is about relationships. With longer appointment times, we maximize face time (virtually & in-person) between patients & providers.

Meet our Primary Care Team

Tia's Primary Care Providers work in collaboration with our gynecologists, acupuncturists, and therapists to deliver connected, whole person healthcare.

Katherine Prior, NP
Family Nurse Practitioner, She/herView bio
Devon Klauck, NP
Nurse Practitioner, She/herView bio
Sarah-Kate Rems, NP
Family Nurse Practitioner, She/herView bio

Primary Care with Tia is different

Typical Primary Care Office
One-size-fits-all care for men and women
Distinctly-female diagnosis, treatment, and prevention
In-person only
In-person and virtual appointments
Disconnected from your GYN
Collaborates with your GYN, therapist, and more

“Before coming to Tia, I was in constant pain. With my Tia providers, I developed a holistic plan—including low impact yoga, medicine adjustments, gut education, and mental health that has relieved my chronic pain and inflammation!”

—Alekza, Tia Member


Do I need a primary care physician and a gynecologist?

Nope! You can use Tia for your gynecology and primary care needs. It’s hard enough to get to one doctor’s office! Why should we have to juggle 2+ doctors, locations, health records, etc.? From IUDs to strep throat, a colposcopy to diagnosing a thyroid disorder, we've got you covered. Please note that Tia is a "specialist," which could affect your copay depending on your plan. To find out if you have a different copay at a primary care provider vs. specialist office, check the back of your insurance card!

Can I get my annual physical at Tia?

Yes! We've reimagined the typical Well-Woman and created a continuous care journey that fuses your gynecology and primary care check-ups into one cohesive experience. The Tia Well-Woman works with your insurance and is 100% covered under most plans.

What services does Tia offer?

Tia is your one-stop shop for gynecology, primary care, mental health, and acupuncture. Our services are now available in person and online.

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